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Make the best of your time at home   #staysafe #stayconnected

Spending so much time at home can feel isolating and weird, but it's the "new normal" for now. So how can we make the best of this time at home? Our team rounded up these tips, ideas, and resources for staying connected to friends, information, and your sanity (!) during the stay-at-home stint.

Goal: Keep in touch

It's important to stay connected to the people we care about, even if we can't see them in person.

How to stay connected (digitally) during social distancing 

Goal: Be productive

Being intentional, setting goals, and avoiding the never-ending Groundhog Day effect.

12 productive things to do on your phone (besides checking the news)

Goal: Stay well (physical and mental health)

Experiencing a global health crisis certainly puts things in perspective. Your health needs to remain a priority.

How to do a digital detox (the right way)



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